What if you could build your data center on a cost to serve framework that delivered optimal efficiency, process agility and business innovation? Your data center would be able to adaptively plan delivery capacity from both heritage systems providing incremental benefits and assess and enable new technologies delivering transformative growth. This Adaptable Data Center® (ADC) concept is becoming a business imperative for IT today as new delivery capabilities, from cloud, software defined, pervasive security, XaaS, etc., are redefining the possible to the practical.

CMI’s Adaptable Data Center® framework assists in understanding and adapting data center cost to serve challenges into new opportunities. Adaptable Data Center® is an approach to add disciplined insights when making important decisions regarding data center architecture, design, people and processes that help determine what delivery capabilities are best identified in traditional and emerging solution sets.

Albert Einstein noted the value of adaptability when he said “the measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” Adaptability is an important challenge for enterprises today, especially with how they can practically adopt effective, emerging technologies to meet desired business outcomes. Most Enterprise IT budgets are based significantly on prior annual benchmarks. Any new funding is usually calculated from the perspective of utilizing or expanding existing technology investments. This creates a very traditional data center. The Adaptable Data Center® framework provides a supportive approach to open new cost to serve approaches where appropriate with a positive people and process technology outcomes.

The following blogs from CMI’s team leaders can help further develop your ADC understanding:

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