What is an Adaptable Data Center®?


CMI developed the Adaptable Data Center® (ADC) framework to provide clients with an infrastructure model for current and future data center success. ADC provides disciplined insights when making important decisions regarding data center architecture, design, people and processes.

The ADC helps you determine what service delivery capabilities are most appropriate for your enterprise and your data center in traditional and emerging solution sets.

Delivering high-quality and reliable systems at the lowest possible cost is a vital requirement for every enterprise. Building innovative and agile technology stacks can add tremendous value to an enterprise – and not just the younger enterprises usually associated with technological disruption.

To help enterprises implement their operational and strategic objectives, we designed the ADC framework around three key components:

  1. A “cost-to-serve” financial model that accurately models the real cost of delivering mission-critical services to business users.
  2. Hybrid-cloud infrastructure that permits the enterprise to make the best choice between on-premise or external provisioning when faced with delivering new services or expanding IT capacity.
  3. Improving an organizations risk profile through comprehensive cybersecurity programs that include technology, people and process solutions.

By combining our cost-to-serve financial model with hybrid-cloud architecture agility and cybersecurity focus, ADC helps enterprises achieve the optimum balance between agility/innovation and cost/quality.

The following blogs from CMI’s team leaders will help further develop your ADC understanding: