Can You Save 60% of Your IT Budget in One Year? (Part 1)

Many CMI clients are looking for ways to save money in their IT budget. Additionally, clients are also looking for innovative ways in which technology can help their firms increase top line. All of these clients are talking with, and looking at, CMI as the source for a second, seasoned opinion on those, as well as a host of other topics, including annual IT strategy reviews and disaster recovery.

Recently, one hot topic has combined the idea of saving money with how to leverage cloud technology. We're seeing quite a number of clients who say, in essence, "If you can prove that cloud backup (for example) will save us money, we're in." That's the easy part. The hard part -- is getting the clients to believe the possible savings when they see them. How manifest is this argument? Well, I feel comfortable saying that I don’t see any reason why companies with around 100-to-250 employees should not be embracing this technology. When you truly take apart the cost model for everything from hardware, to software, to operations costs, maintenance costs, labor and physical real estate costs, to media, HVAC, and preventative maintenance (PM) costs -- the case is pretty darn clear, even if it is a bit like getting the horses to water...

That said -- the argument in favor of cloud is not restricted to just one core capability (cloud backup). When I'm talking with clients about cloud, I'm looking at areas such as CRM, Messaging, Collaboration, (interim and developmental) Backups, Marketing, Application Development, and Telco.

Let's take just two of these topics here: CRM and Messaging.

For CRM,, for example, is an obvious choice. But integrating it into your production environment? Well, add-in plug and play middleware tools like IBM’s Cast Iron and we're talking about one of the toughest application/systems integration tasks of all time done in days or weeks as opposed to weeks or months. That's cost savings.

For Messaging, Google Apps or Microsoft 365 are great solutions that included quality instant messaging and email services. Moreover, cloud-basing these apps means relieving your environment of complex servers, storage, networks, and high levels of network utilization. Combine that approach with a cloud-based mobile device management solution and you have significantly reduced overall IT complexity and set-up some interesting financial models to boot. Imagine -- the IT Department driving a cost-savings discussion. Not the reputation some IT Departments have today, that's for sure.

But there's more to this story --- so tune-in tomorrow!

See you then

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