Can You Save 60% of Your IT Budget in One Year? (Part 2)

Yesterday we started to build the case for the financial benefits of cloud-based IT solutions. We briefly discussed cloud backup, as well as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings Salesforce.Com in the CRM space, and Google's and Microsoft's offerings in the email/collaboration spaces. Let's look at a couple other cloud areas in which we see our clients looking with interest.

Let's talk about collaboration at the big picture level. Let's say a combined approach that leverages cloud-based Google Web Sites and our friends over at Combined, these two offerings address much of the complexity and costs (hard and soft) in the areas of project collaboration and document management. In addition, these tools are easily expandable for use with your customers and/or partners, as well. Finally, I've seen these tools in action -- in the hard hand-to-hand combat of daily business -- and they work. Hard. But they're not hard to work with -- and that's part of the point. Let the experts who know how to build quality, focused tools do that, while you stop using mediocre, lowest common denominator 'resources.' The cloud allows even the smallest start-ups to use the same tooling as the Big Boys -- and that's goodness for everyone because it raises the bar of quality while lowering the entry bar of price.

In the area of marketing, almost all the clients we see today leverage some type of CMS (Content Management Solution) for their websites. A CMS offers a dynamic, easy-to-use web-based interface complete with basic workflow management. Typically, we're seeing Drupal, Wordpress or Joomla -- all open source, and free! No one argues with that as a cost-savings plan, either.

If you're getting the feeling there really is a lot of stuff going on in Cloud, you're right. But so rarely do we see clients taking a systematic approach to the subject. Knee-jerk? We see a lot of that, with the confusion, frustration, and over spending typical of such an approach. At CMI, we can help stop this kind of madness. It's what we do.

More to follow, tomorrow!
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