CISO Roundtable


Foster Farms and CMI have combined to create a local (East Bay Centric) forum for the advancement of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) – professionally and in their value add to their organization. To that end we have launched a monthly CISO Roundtable as one component of the program.

Our CISO Roundtable will meet on the second Wednesday of each month at the Foster Farms Marketing Office in Dublin. This meeting will allow free interchange of challenges, ideas, questions, trends, and staff development issues that face today’s CISO. The discussion will be by the CISO membership and moderated by the CISO membership. It is a “sales-free” environment with no membership charge and no “hidden hook” to membership.

CMI has a long history of sponsoring these executive forums where peers can discuss any topic freely and assist each other in developing best practices. The partnership between CMI and Foster Farms creates a unique environment that focuses fully on the enterprise issues with the chance to build a common purpose community for each member.

If you are the I.T. Security Executive for your company and you are interested in becoming a member of this growing community – please let us know.

If you would like more information about the CISO Roundtable, please complete the form below and a member of the CMI Security Team will contact you.

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