Security Services


Cyberattacks continue to grow in number and sophistication.  What were once nuisance attacks have now become malicious activities, hacktivism, financial fraud and cyberespionage—all committed by bad actors around the globe. Cloud, mobile and big data technologies have only increased the potential attack surface.

Add an increasingly demanding regulatory environment, and it’s easy to see why security has caught the attention of the C-suite.

Regardless of your industry, geography or size, these shared imperatives call for a new approach to security:

  1. Stop advanced threats using analytics and insights for a smarter integrated defense.
  2. Protect critical assets using context-aware and role-based controls to help prevent unauthorized access.
  3. Safeguard cloud and mobile to build a stronger, more expansive security posture.
  4. Optimize your security program by integrating security silos, reducing complexity and lowering costs.

Clear the Way for the CMI Approach:  Security Triangulated

CMI is fully invested in your security success and answers the call with a comprehensive, three-point security framework that ensures enterprise-wide visibility and protection.

Cybersecurity – Security Preparedness Assessment for Risk Profiling

We start with a preparedness assessment, based on the NIST framework, to identify existing security gaps and profile the risk to your organization.  We’ll then perform a gap analysis and present a prioritized remediation roadmap that reduces the risk to your business.

Cybersafety – Enterprise Change Management for Detection Everywhere

We can also help implement a sustainable, measurable enterprise change program that turns employees into your best detection assets. But this Detection Everywhere program is more than just a one-time training.  It makes users the solution, not the problem, and bakes culture change and accountability into the DNA of your organization.  At the end of the day, you want employees to be good stewards of your digital assets.

Cyberservice – Enterprise Technology Fabric for Global Visibility and Protection

Finally, CMI can evolve your security stance into a mature security posture with a highly effective managed platform based on your specific requirements. This solution can include managed service options, as well integrated tools and processes to ensure your infrastructure is protected against attacks.

With CMI, you’ll have the advantage of:

  • A named and dedicated Client Success Manager and other dedicated project resources.
  • Award-winning partnerships with industry-leading enterprise security vendors.
  • Selected partnerships with highly innovative security vendors.
  • Experienced technical resources with extensive security certifications.
  • A nationwide consortium of technology integrators.

Contact us to reduce risk and optimize your security posture with an effective, end-to-end security solution.