Cloud Automation & Orchestration

A CIO conversation today has a few common themes.  The first is everything takes too long when measured by the public cloud yardstick.  Server provisioning with the required hardening and quality control often takes three to six weeks.  Complex provisioning of development and test environments even longer – and forget about de-provisioning.  When it is this tough to get resources, the human dynamic is to hold on to everything forever not knowing when you will need it again.  The result is slow, cumbersome process, data center clutter, and overspending on licenses.

The next theme is managing by tribal knowledge within silos rather than agile organizational policy.  We “clone that server” because that is the way we have done it for years, though “clone that server” may have multiple meanings depending to whom your talking.  Breaking down the barriers within the data center and becoming a policy-based organization can deliver simple and complex services offered quickly and accurately with cost accountability.

Lastly, the theme of tools is pervasive – as pervasive as the number of tools within the data center.  Many DCs are riddled with multiple tools for the same tasks that are partially implemented and fail to perform the intended point solution.  Here comes the next vendor selling you the next tool that will solve everything.  The only tool that will do that is a magic wand.

Leverage your existing resources more effectively – free up valuable time from your administrators and managers by automating key IT Service Management processes.  Automate and orchestrate the repetitive parts of your processes, reducing human errors, so that you can get back to focusing on what really matters. Leverage your existing investments rather than throwing everything out and starting over. Need more?  Contact us for more information.