Along with the increased adoption of public cloud services comes increased management complexity. In the traditional enterprise IT model, services are managed using tools that are packaged with the products they run on (should we provide an example here?). Clients are now moving many company workloads into the public cloud – in many instances leveraging multiple public cloud providers (Amazon Web Services, IBM SoftLayer, Microsoft Azure, etc). While each of these providers has built its own usage monitoring and cost management solutions, these native tools don’t deliver an integrated, single-pane-of glass perspective—from evaluating various cloud assets to optimizing, executing, and automating—across all cloud providers.To effectively manage services in this new multi-cloud deployment model, below are some of the services that are desired, if not required, by our clients:

  • Simplified billing – consolidated invoices across all cloud accounts;
  • Cost analysis and optimization;
  • Detailed usage tracking & reporting;
  • Ability to define & automate governance policies; and
  • Security monitoring & alerting

There are many vendors in the market claiming to do all of the above. At CMI we’ve done extensive market research and due diligence to identify the ‘best-in-class’ cloud management solutions to match our client’s needs. Need more? Contact us today for more information.