Will you be using services like Amazon AWS (public cloud) or hosting your own private cloud, where all of the data center’s resources are dedicated to you? Likely, a hybrid model will best serve you at some point, utilizing a combination of private cloud when you need performance and more control, and a public cloud when you need pay-as-you-go or utility services.

Private Cloud Services

Generally speaks to either an abstracted and automated on-premise data center or a single tenant platform off-premise.

Public Cloud Solutions

Is a shared, multi-tenet platform off-premise.  Amazon’s AWS, IBM’s SoftLayer, Microsoft’s Azure, VMware’s Cloud Air and Google’s Cloud Platform are commonly thought of examples of Public Cloud.

What is a Hybrid Cloud?

Integrated private (most often on-prem) and public, off-prem instances where workloads can be managed, bursted, and moved as needed between these multi-instances.

What are your Specific Cloud Needs?

Identifying your specific cloud needs often starts with an assessment of your business, budgets, risk profile, and dew point.  CMI has experience in helping you take the right next step.  Need more?  Contact us for more information.