Converged Infrastructure


Share resources between your grid, cloud, on-demand, and utility systems for higher efficiencies, quicker deployment and lower costs to operate. Reduce silos in your organization for more efficiency, process and interoperability. Reap the benefits shared by companies around the world with converged infrastructure.


Hyper-converged infrastructure is pre-optimized, simple to deploy, resilient and super scalable: identify a need, plug in the appropriate app and let your data center grow. Hyper-converged infrastructure systems exist to handle giant data sets, intense processing requirements, VDI, DR, or a combination of anything in between. Built to need, scalable for tomorrow, agile for your business.

Web-Scale Solutions

Scalable, resilient architecture is crucial to building robust IT infrastructures. Most components in your technology pipeline will need to grow along with your business with the assumption that component failure is expected. Our mantra is “build to need and expect the unexpected.” Web-scale solutions ensure that expansion is based on component design; upon any interruption, failed components, instead of bringing your network down, are routed around seamlessly with no loss of service. Regardless of your size, join the ranks of Facebook and Google with Web-scale architectures with near-100% uptimes.

Single Pane of Glass

You are building with converged infrastructure, how about convergence for your many monitoring and management tools as well? With an intuitive user interface, you can monitor your converged solutions from one dashboard, making it easier than ever to see what’s happening where in your IT infrastructure. A single-pane-of-glass solution puts management and monitoring of your infrastructure front and center with a cockpit of charts, graphs, and control mechanisms, rather than using point solutions.  Need more? Contact us for more information.