Data Management


Many things have changed since we founded CMI 40 years ago – maybe none bigger than the explosive growth of data, and the ways we use it. The explosion of big data has companies managing more and more every year, and it’s quickly outstripping the rate at which adding new infrastructure is cost effective. Our data management solutions help you identify the best way to store, access, archive, manage and protect the elephant in the room – big data.

Data Virtualization

A robust data virtualization solution is integral to cost-effective data management. Our engineers can make your data stand up and dance. They know virtualization and consolidation – cold. And while they may not sleep with OS manuals under their pillow, more than a few of them have one on their nightstand. They also know that the servers and storage they work on are more than just “boxes” – they’re business intelligence.

Data Replication

Data replication is crucial to maintaining your data integrity. Let CMI’s team of technicians ensure that you’re never at risk of a critical system failure that includes the loss of crucial data. With on-site, off-site, and Web-based options, we can create a holistic solution to data safety.

Data Synchronization

In today’s hybrid computing model, your data is never in just one place. CMI uses industry-leading techniques to keep your data synchronized across multiple servers, at multiple locations, even around the world. Virtual data techniques allow for multiple instances of data – one data set – constant data integrity.

Data Protection Solutions

Not all data is created equally, so we assist our clients in segmenting their data into critical, active and archive designations by conducting Data Impact Analysis (DIA). Understanding these data tiers can be a first step in a common sense approach to data protection. Matching these data tiers to performance, budgets, regulatory needs and risk management builds the model for the right data protection plan for your enterprise. Your company relies on data, and that’s why you should rely on CMI.

Data Recovery Services

Data backups are relatively easy and stress free; however, data recovery can be more difficult and often are done under arduous conditions. Whether you only need to retrieve one file that was accidentally deleted or a server farm full of files, CMI builds on-premise or cloud-based architectures from the ground up that allow successful data recovery in the event of a loss. Safe data – good sleeping.

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