CMI Delivers Peace of Mind with vArmour DSS-V

vArmour transforms how organizations protect their virtualized and cloud assets with the industry’s first distributed security system. vArmour microsegments every application in the data center by wrapping protection around each workload, delivering fine-grained visibility and control in dynamic cloud environments. The first step to greater security is to gain application-layer visibility in your data center with vArmour DSS-V Distributed Security System.

As you evolve your data center to a dynamic multi-cloud, traditional security cannot see or stop attackers inside your perimeter. vArmour DSS provides application-aware micro-segmentation with advanced security analytics to protect your most sensitive assets - from financial statements to personal health records - in three simple steps and just 30 minutes.

It's Simple: We can get micro-segmentation up and running with three steps in less than thirty. No other provider is offering even close to this level of ease and simplicity - watch the video here. You can't do this with NSX or NSX + virtual PAN.

It's Integrated: Integration means speed. We can give you application-layer visibility with advanced analytics that can show you in 15 minutes what would take a security analyst hours of tedious investigation through multiple silo'd tools to accomplish.

It's Economical: Cut millions in hardware spend. Gone are the days of expensive hardware on the shelf, of hearing "we can't do that" because that zone of the network is at capacity, or "we'll have to wait till the next hardware refresh." DSS offers you a single, pay-as-you-grow, software-based system for both threat detection and remediation - no specialized hardware or software required.

With vArmour DSS-V, you are able to:

  • Monitor and correlate traffic across workloads, applications, and users
  • Visualize application trends to determine overall security posture
  • Drill-down to identify and investigate compromised workloads
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