Securing today’s enterprise is a daunting task. Many of the diverse stake holders, from IT security and operations to compliance and risk management, bring different demands and sometimes competing perspectives regarding how the enterprise should be secured. Security intelligence services also range widely; they include Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), log management, anomaly detection, incident forensics and configuration and vulnerability management.

Capabilities must enable high-performance event processing and iterative analysis of event data. This information must also include contextual data and threat intelligence in combination with profiling/anomaly detection. An optimal solution must also provide a unified architecture that delivers configurable, policy-based automation, correlation, alerts and reporting for there to be consistent, efficient and effective management to secure assets, data, reputation and brand.

An enterprise approach to Secure Event Management needs to be disciplined and driven by requirements aligned by the different stakeholders. Organizations need to consider deployment scale, real-time monitoring, post-capture analytics and compliance reporting requirements. In addition, organizations should identify solutions whose deployment and support requirements are good matches to internal project, operations and support capabilities.

CMI recommends IBM’s QRadar solution suite of products for enterprise security.
QRadar supports a wide set of threat management and compliance use cases for modest to large-scale deployments. The solution supports security-oriented use cases that benefit from network flow analysis and threat detection via a broad scope of network, server, user and application behavior analysis. QRadar delivers:

  • A single architecture for analyzing log, flow, vulnerability, user and asset data.
  • Near real-time correlation and behavioral anomaly detection to identify high-risk threats.
  • High-priority incident detection among billions of data points.
  • Full visibility into network, application and user activity.
  • Automated regulatory compliance with collection, correlation and reporting capabilities.

Through QRadar, our clients gain the benefits of advanced threat detection, greater ease of use and lower total cost of ownership.

CMI can help make securing today’s enterprise a less daunting task. We do this by simplifying, streamlining and helping to secure your organization’s enterprise. Contact CMI today for your enterprise security solution.