At CMI we cut through the “tech” speak to provide solutions for our many long-time customers, delivering results for Bay Area companies through innovation and dedication.

For 40 years, CMI has been the preferred IT solutions provider for California’s tech and business executives.  Since 1977, tech has changed and evolved at a break-neck pace.  We have been a part of that change, constantly evolving to meet the needs and challenges of the very latest technologies.


Our client base speaks to our integrity.  A long list of clients have stayed with CMI for many of those 40 years.  Customers continue to look to us for solutions that move them toward success.


A leader in emerging technology and existing standards, CMI delivers solutions by cutting through the hype and jargon to provide solutions that can provide measurable value.  Whether it’s Hyper-Converged, Web Scale, Virtualization or Data Management and Protection, CMI solutions focus on our client’s success and value.


CMI prides itself in maintaining and nurturing long-term relationships with both its clients and vendor partners.  Devoted to shared success, we have been able to stay in business 40 years by achieving a high level of trust and respect.


CMI has purposely stayed local, being nimble and available, personally, to our client’s needs.  Local is better and we’re right down the street.

CMI Vision

CMI lives to be a client-driven Solutions Provider that delivers professional services and technology to develop the most secure, innovative and adaptable data center strategies available. We thrive because we take pride in serving – each other, our Partners and our Clients in long term, authentic partnership.